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Paul Marotta
We're delighted, (no, actually we're ecstatic!) that Kickstarter has chosen our project this week to seek funding for this intimate and up close series of black and white portraits of individuals involved with the various Occupy movements along the east coast. We've started with Boston, a small sampling here in this flash slide show below, and we'll be traveling to New York, Washington DC, Detroit, Baltimore and hopefully other cities if funding goes well.

Which is where you come's the link to the kickstarter page...please consider heading over and making your pledge to growing this project:  OCCUPYING THE FRAME

I am not connected to the Occupy movements but have long felt the public has not seen the faces of the many and diverse people involved. One quick look at their faces tells so much about their resolve, focus, seriousness and determination, none of which has been captured by others to date. In my series the subjects look directly into the camera and directly at you, the viewer. In their eyes and in their faces much is revealed. In their eyes and faces is revealed their joy at being involved, their anger at their marginalization and displacement, and their desire for compassion in those around them.

We only have 30 days to complete this funding phase so I hope you'll join us for this series, "Occupying the Frame" as we take a look deep inside the Occupy movements at the people involved.
The Arlington Advocate, November 17, 2011

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